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Developers FAQ

How much experience do I need to become a partner? 

We partner with anyone from a high schooler looking to launch the next Flappy Bird, to a game development studio looking to launch their next big casual mobile game. We're just interested in working with friendly people who love building games.

Do I need to design the assets for my games? 

No. Because each of our games is based on a trending meme, we typically put the assets for games a day or two before they launch. This means you don't have to worry about designing your own assets - you can just focus on great gameplay!

What types of games are you looking for?

The games we publish on Fad Mania are HTML5 games that are super simple to play - think Flappy Bird. However, as we build our community, we are open to work with more complex gaming experiences. 

What framework should I build my games with?

Right now most of our games are built with Playcanvas. However, pretty much any quality HTML5 game development software will work. 

Why should I partner with Fad Mania? 

Being an early stage game publisher gives us a lot of advantages; most notably, we are able to work with each of our partners on a personal level. We don't care about how well your games are retaining users or even whether or not you've physically launched a game yet; we just want to work with talented developers to bring great experiences to our users every week. 

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